One of the major concerns for a consumer when choosing between an iPad and another tablet device was the fact that the iPad did not support Flash. Flash, developed by Adobe, is a multimedia platform used to display animation and video and to add interactivity to web pages. For many people, the inability to use flash on an iPad was the sole reason they either did not buy one or purchased a different tablet.

Now these concerns can be forgotten, on November 9, 2011, Adobe announced that it was killing Flash for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Adobe also announced it was cutting 750 jobs primarily in the Flash division, roughly 7.5 percent of its job force.

This is a major shift especially in the mobile web since Flash was a major platform for building web applications and creating web sites. Many tech workers primary focus was building flash applications, so this announcement will be felt across the web as flash programmers will need to learn another programming platform to be useful. Flash will still be used for applications and standard browsers on desktop systems and laptops, but it will no longer be an alternative for mobile devices. However, since more and more consumers are gravitating away from their home pc’s toward their smartphones and tablets instead.

It also makes it easier for consumers to choose between an iPad and another device since the inability to run Flash on an iPad will be a moot point.


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