The new Apple iOS 5 is a major improvement in the operating system for iPhones, iPod Touch’s, and iPads, but it does have its drawbacks too. One of the more glaring missteps by Apple was the choice not to include multitasking gestures for the original iPad. I do believe Apple has heard the outcry. They just released, on November 2, 2011, a beta version of an iOS5 upgrade to developers.

UPDATE: On November 10, 2011, Apple did release the iOS 5.0.1 update

According to this version contains the following improvements and other bug fixes:

  • Battery life fixes especially for the new iPhone 4s
  • Bug fixes for Documents in the Cloud
  • Improved voice recognition for Australian users using dictation
  • Security improvements especially for the Smart Cover issue
  • and finally it adds multitasking gestures for the orginal iPad

Another bug fix involves the iOS 5.0 policy for apps that wished to store offline data. Currently there is no longer anywhere to store files that don’t need to be backed up but shouldn’t be deleted.

As far as the multitask gestures, the original iPad had some of these features with the iOS 4.3 update, but not all of them.

What are Multitask Gestures?

These are functions that you activate on the iPad by using mutliple fingers. For instance, by using four or five fingers, you can Pinch to return to the Home Screen, Swipe Up to reveal the Multitasking bar, or my favorite Swipe Left or Right to switch between apps instead of double tapping the Home button and then tapping on an app.

Apple may also add the AirPlay Mirroring feature as well, but I’m not sure on that.

I look forward to the release of this update in the near future.

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