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Like many of you when the ipad2 launched I didn’t have $629 to fork over on launch day – so I waited to order mine.

Bad news – within hours of launch the supply dried up completely. Sure you could still order one at Apple.com – if you were willing to wait 5-6 weeks for it to ship.

So I went to the various retail stores here in Oregon that sold them. Best Buy, The Apple Store, The Mac Store etc…

Well – they didn’t have any either. They got some the first day – but not many. I simply could come back every day and check.

I really don’t have time for that – I mean I love the ipad but can’t make it the center of my life every day.

The ipad 2 search continued… and led me to a couple of interesting things.

One is that if you are willing to pay the price you can get an ipad 2 almost immediately 2 different places online.

One is ebay – most folks are familiar with that. Ipad 2s are selling briskly on ebay for $100 – $150 over retail price. But beware of the sellers – eBay can be a very risky place to buy your ipad version 2.

Here is my advice to avoid the risk of eBay sellers.

Another place you can buy a marked up ipad version 2 is Amazon.com. Much safer.

Amazon has many resellers connected with them selling ipad version 2 units for a profit.

What makes Amazon great is that they fulfill the orders for some of these vendors which allows Amazon lightning fast shipping on your new ipad.

As I write this article tonight a base ipad2 with 3G can be bought on Amazon for around $775 and some can be shipped overnight.

Another way to at least get on a list for an ipad 2 without paying in advance is to visit a Best Buy in person and ask for the store concierge. They are allowed to put you on a waiting list and will contact you when your unit arrives with no deposit required.

Of course if you are willing to settle for an ipad 1 – you can get a base unit refurbished on Apple’s site for a bargain price of only $350!

But that is another article…..

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