A few days ago Apple introduced the iPad 3, well its actually called the new iPad. Apple decided to drop the 1,2,3 etc naming convention. So, its actually the iPad (3rd generation). So, what are the improvements in the new iPad.

Higher resolution – Retina Display
The new iPad packs 2047 X 1536 pixels into the the screen. That’s roughly double the resolution of an iPad or iPad 2. This resolution actually packs more pixels that an HD 1080p TV screen. So, the clarity and resolution of apps, photos, and more should be better than its ever been.

Quad core Graphics
This isn’t to be confused with a quad core CPU, we are talking graphics processing. The new iPad still has a dual core CPU (A5X) similar to the iPad 2, but the graphics processor is much improved to handle the new resolution on the screen.

iSight Camera
This is a far superior camera than on the iPad 2. Its a 5 MP camera that can also record video at 1080p and has other standard features like autofocus and tap to focus. Since this was the biggest gripe with the iPad 2 its a great improvement.

iPhoto App
The iPad had iWork apps, the iPad 2 debuted with Garageband, and now the new iPad 3 had iPhoto. Finally a way to edit photos on the iPad.

4G Speeds
The cellular version of the iPad 3 will handle 4G speeds. Although it sounds great, 4G hasn’t been rolled out everywhere so you may still be stuck at 3G speeds even if the iPad 3 can handle faster connections.

Dimension and Size Differences

Here is the breakdown for the three generations of iPads as far as dimensions and weight

Physical dimensions: 242.8 by 189.7mm
Thickness: 13.4mm
Weight: 680g (WiFi) and 730g (3G)

iPad 2
Physical dimensions: 241.2 by 185.7mm
Thickness: 8.8mm
Weight: 601g (WiFi) and 613g (3G)

iPad 3
Physical dimensions: 241.2 by 185.7mm
Thickness: 9.4mm
Weight: 652g (WiFi) and 662g (4G)

So, the iPad 3 will be heavier than the iPad 2, but lighter than the original iPad as well as a bit thicker than the iPad 2 but not as thick as the iPad 1.

Home Button
There was some hype regarding the iPad 3 not having a home button. With the addition of the multitasking gestures in iOS 5, the removal of the home button might have been expected, but it appears to have lived through the final changes to the iPad 3. So for now, it still does have a home button.


If you don’t own an iPad, then this is clearly a purchase worth pursuing. If you are an owner of the orginal iPad that does not have a camera, then this is definitely a worthwhile upgrade with a camera that is par with the iPhone 4S. Lastly, if you are an owner of an iPad 2 and the visual upgrades of the retina display and better resolution for the camera are important, then an upgrade is worthwhile as well.



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