If you aren’t convinced that the iPad is the future of education you should read this story….

A school district in Maine is proposing to spend about $200,000 on Apple iPad 2s to get the devices into the hands of about 300 kindergartners.

“It’s a revolution in education,” said Auburn School Dept. Supt. Tom Morrill in a report from the Associated Press.

Morrill is making the proposal, which calls for the iPads to be in classrooms in the district’s schools in the city of Auburn, Maine. The superintendent told the AP that the iPad is a powerful tool for education when equipped with some of the hundreds of apps available that can aide in interactive learning.

Auburn kindergarten teacher Amy Heimerl received an iPad for her classroom on Tuesday as an early adopter of sorts in the districts plan, the report said.

“It’s definitely an adventure, and it’ll be a journey of learning for teachers and students,” Heimerl told the AP. “I’m looking forward to seeing where this can take us and our students.”

Larry Cuban, a retired Standford University professor and the author of the book “Oversold and Underused: Computers in Schools,” said the benefits of computers for students so young has yet to be proved.

“There’s no evidence in research literature that giving iPads to 5-year-olds will improve their reading scores,” Cuban told the AP.

This is Mark….

I for one, completely disagree with that statement. I have a 2 1/2 year old granddaughter that uses the iPad on a daily basis. She knows how to get to her storybooks, use a coloring book, play memory games,watch Netflix shows, etc. all on the iPad without any help from me. She knows her entire alphabet and her vocabulary has increase exponentially since she has been using it for the last 3 months.

If my granddaughter is able to learn that much from an iPad, I agree they should be in every pre-school and grade in America!

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