What do you get when you have a faster processor, better graphics, and a bigger battery on the iPad 3?

Heat issues…at least that’s what a number of iPad 3 consumers are complaining about in the iPad forums after using their new iPad. When holding the new iPad in portrait mode, there appears to be excessive heat coming from the lower left side of the device. The display reportedly has twice the number of LED backlights as the iPad 2. This along with the facts about the faster A5X processor, better graphics, larger battery, and 4G LTE cellular capability all contribute to the heat issues. Maybe this is what people mean when they talk about a “hotspot”. There have also been some jokes saying the new iPad should really be called the iGrill. In the worst case scenarios, the new iPad pops up a message stating “the iPad needs to cool down”.

According to Apple, the new iPad runs about 10 degrees hotter than the older versions, but the 92.48° F temperature of the iPad 3 is well within the normal thermal levels for the device. Unfortunately, many consumers on the iPad forums seem to be experiencing greater heat variances.

Some of the comments on the iPad discussion boards are:

 User amytula: The iPad 2 was warm but the iPad 3 was so hot to the touch that my son said it was too hot to hold.

User Novasims: after several hours mine became HOT not just warm in the left corner

User  Grandpar: Mine seems to get very warm…much more so than my original or my iPad 2

How to Fix Overheating Issues on New iPad

Among some of the fixes offered by various users on the forums:

  • Completely drain and recharge the iPad battery
  • Turn the brightness down on the iPad
  • Disabling iCloud

It appears the first two solutions help solve most of the overheating issues, however if you are experiencing an overheating issue and these solutions did not work for you, contact AppleCare and have the new iPad replaced.

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