In some of my other articles I’ve discussed how to unlock an iPad if the passcode is forgotten. The new iOS5 that was released earlier this month, has a major security flaw related to the iPad 2. A person with a smart cover can unlock your iPad 2 without the passcode by using a smart cover and a sequence of steps.

The basic steps required to do this are:

  • Press the Power button on s passcode protected iPad2 until you reach the red slider screen
  • Close the Smart Cover on the iPad2
  • Open the Smart Cover on the iPad2
  • Press Cancel on the Enter Passcode screen

You should now be on the iPad2 screen and have access to the desktop and icons. Check out the Youtube video below from about this flaw.

Now you can’t open any apps once you’ve accessed the iPad2 this way, but you can delete apps, and you have access to apps that are already opened by pressing the home button.

This can be very dangerous if you left an important web page such as an Internet banking session open in Safari, or left your email open. Someone would have access to this information without the passcode for the iPad.

So, although the access is limited with this security flaw, the damage could be substantial. This flaw is only present with iOS5 installed on the iPad2. In previous versions of the Apple iOS, you couldn’t unlock your iPad if you didn’t have the password without doing a restore.

A workaround until a bug fix is offered by Apple is to turn off Smart Cover unlocking by disabling it in the General Settings menu.

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