Using and typing on the iPad virtual keyboard does take some practice, but there are 5 keyboard shortcuts that make it easier. Once you’ve mastered these keyboard tricks you’ll be more efficient when using the on screen keyboard on your iPad.

1) There are many special characters that don’t show up initially on the iPad keyboard, however if you tap and hold the vowel keys and some of the consonant keys you’ll get a pop up showing all the different variations of that character.

2) When you are typing and want to start a new sentence simply press the spacebar twice and the iPad will automatically replace them with a period and a space. 

3) Tap and hold some of the punctuation and special characters on the keyboard to get the variations for those characters. Special characters like the dollar sign, quotes, question mark, and ampersand keys will give these variations when you tap and hold the key.

4) If you are in Safari and typing a domain name, press and hold the .com key for the .net, .org, .us, and .edu domain extensions as well.

5) If you are in the mail app and typing an email address to send to, press and hold the period (.) to get various domain extensions.

Whether you are using the regular iPad virtual keyboard or the split keyboard, these shortcuts will make your typing more efficient.

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