With the introduction of iOS6, Apple replaced Google Maps with their own mapping program. The new mapping app has turn by turn directions among other added features, however in many cases it lacks the detail that Google Maps offered. In fact, in December 2012 it was reported that travelers using Apple Maps and trying to visit Mildura Australia would end up 40 miles away in the forest. Because of this lack of accuracy, many users want a way to access Google Maps as well.

UPDATE December 12th, 2012:

Google released Google Maps as an app on the Apple Store today, so you can use the instructions below to add a bookmark to Google Maps or you can go into the App Store and download a native app for Google Maps that includes turn by turn directions, live traffic information and public transportation directions.

Adding Bookmark to Google Maps

This is a fairly simple procedure that really just consists of adding a bookmark to your home page as a icon. To do this follow these steps:

1) Open Safari and go to the Google Maps site


2) Tap on the box with the arrow pointing to the right in the toolbar

3) Tap Add to Home Screen

4) Type a name for the Google Maps icon and tap Add

5) Now return to the home screen and tap on the new Google Maps icon and you should be sent directly to the website.


If you open Google Maps and you receive the following notice:

“Google Maps does not have permission to use your location”

follow these steps to allow Location Services for Google Maps.

1) Tap on Settings

2) Tap on Privacy

3) Tap on Location Services

4) Find Safari in the list of Location Services and swipe it to On

Now open your Google Maps icon and you should not receive the warning.


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