I tried updating the apps on my iPad tonight since I had neglected to do any updates for awhile. There were 45 apps that needed to be updated. That would be almost a quarter of all the apps I have installed on the iPad. Unfortunately, when I tried updating them I was met by this error message:

Not Enough Local Storage to Update Apps



The error message told me to manage the storage by going into Settings. So, I proceeded to go in Settings, General, and Usage and discovered that I still had 2.9 GB of available storage. So, technically I should have easily had enough storage to download the updates for my various apps.

Unfortunately, the way the iOS handles updates is to download the entire update and install it before removing the old app. This means you must have enough available storage space to completely download ALL the apps before installing them. This is especially true if you select Update All from the App Store –> Updates section.

An easy workaround is to selectively update a few apps at a time until all the apps are indeed updated.

You can go into Settings –> General –> Usage and find all the apps installed on your iPad and exactly how much storage space each app is consuming. Deleting any of the large space hogging apps that you do not use will probably allow you to reclaim enough available storage space to update all the apps at once again.

Sometimes all it takes is a little spring cleaning!


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