One of my customers gave me her iPad to fix today. She was afraid water damage or something else had destroyed the iPad. When she tried to open an app by selecting it with her finger, a border would appear around the app but it would not open. If she double tapped on an icon it would open and behave normally.

Since the iPad did turn on and the screen did not show signs of water or other damage I figured it must be a setting in the iPad that is causing it to behave in this strange way.

If your iPad is experiencing similar issues with borders being shown around apps when you press them, and having to double tap to open apps, follow these steps to fix the issue.

1) Double tap on Settings

2) Double tap on General

3) Double tap on Accessibility

4) Turn VoiceOver to off

5) Close out of Settings and reset your iPad

Once your iPad has rebooted, it should be back to its normal behavior.

Please watch out for those Accessibility options sometimes they can backfire on you.


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