If you cannot log into iCloud.com from Internet Explorer version 9 or 10, here is the solution. As far as older browsers, you have to have a compatible and supported browser and computer to use iCloud.com. Apple lists the system requirements for iCloud, and they are no longer supporting IE8.

Even though you are using IE9 or IE10, you may still experience issues trying to access iCloud.com from your computer. When you type your username and password it does not allow you to log into iCloud.com. If this is the case, you’ll need to do one of the following:

1) Use compatibility settings in IE.

  • In Internet Explorer, click on Tools (you may have to right click in the header of IE and click on Menu Bar see the Tools menu)
  • Click on Compatibility View Settings
  • In the Add this website box, type icloud.com and click Add
  • Now try to log into iCloud.com

2) Download and Install a different browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome


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