Shortly after upgrading to iOS7, I noticed Siri, my personal assistant on the iPad, stopped working. When holding down the Home button, it appeared Siri would open and be ready for a command, but I did not hear the familiar two tones and the sound wave would not appear showing it was listening to my commands.

Siri refused to speak to me anymore. What did I do to deserve this? Well, as it turns out this appears to be a bug in the iOS7 software since she always spoke to me before iOS7. If you are receiving the cold shoulder from Siri as well, try this fix:

1) Tap on Settings

2) Tap on General

3) Scroll to the bottom and tap on Reset

4) Tap on Reset Network Settings and allow the iPad to restart

NOTE: You will lose all saved WiFi network settings and such if you chose to reset the Network Settings. This means your iPad won’t automatically connect to the Starbucks Wifi the next time you walk in the door. You’ll have to reconnect to it when you are in range.

After resetting network settings, Siri was back to her old self. Ah, you don’t appreciate your assistant until she is gone.


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