Sometimes DNS server issues will cause your iPad to lose the ability to surf the Internet, read email, etc. In these cases, changing the DNS servers can help restore connectivity. This recommendation will only work for WiFi connections, not cellular connections. One of the most recommended DNS servers to use is Google’s. Follow these steps to change the DNS servers on your iPad.

1) Tap on the Settings icon

2) Tap on General

3) Tap on Network

4) Tap on currently connected WiFi connection

5) Under Choose a Network, tap the blue arrow next to your currently connected WiFi connection

6) Under the Network Settings section, find DNS and tap the numbers in the column by DNS

7) Write down these numbers on a piece of paper for later reference in case you wish to change the DNS back.

8 ) Delete the numbers in the DNS section and replace them with Google’s DNS settings and shown below.,

Notice the dots between the first four numbers and the comma between the two sets of numbers. These are important and the DNS must be entered this way to work.

9) Close out of the Settings section and try to bring up a web page or check mail. If you are able to browse the web or check email, your new DNS settings are working.


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