My grandkids love to play with my iPad. In fact, its the most often asked for device from grandpa’s electronics. However, you don’t want the grandkids, or kids for that matter, to purchase a bunch of unauthorized apps, remove apps, visit adult sites, etc. Now you could always add a passcode to gain access to the iPad, but each time the iPad screen goes blank you’d have to reenter the password.

A better alternative is to set restrictions in the iPad and protect these with a passcode. Restrictions can be set for the iPad browser (Safari), Youtube, ITunes, Ping, and the process of Installing and Deleting Applications. You can also add restrictions for allowed content including music, podcasts, movies, tv shows, and apps. As well as the most important restriction in my opinion, In-App Purchases, to prevent anyone from buying add-ons in any app.

Follow these steps to enable restrictions on the iPad to childproof it:

restrictions1) Tap on the Settings icon on the home screen

2) Tap on General

3) Scroll down and tap on Restrictions

4) Tap on Enable Restrictions

5) Enter a Passcode for the Restrictions screen and then reenter it

6) Now set which apps are allowed including Safari, Youtube, Itunes and the ability to Install and Delete Apps by sliding the options to On

7) Change any other restrictions you’d like including the ability to allow or disallow In App purchases.

8 ) Close the Settings app and your restrictions are set

The only thing I wish they would add is the abilty to lock the icons in place so they can’t be moved. I often get my iPad back from the grandchildren only to find they have rearranged the icons in different folders or placed them on another screen. If you jailbreak your iPad, you can add this ability, but jailbreaking voids any warranty on the device as well.

Now with your restrictions set on the iPad, you can safely allow your children to use it without the fear of them buying a bunch of apps or deleting apps from it. Although you may find the icons rearranged when you get it back. That’s the price you pay for allowing them to use it.



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