Creating a folder and grouping your apps into folders accomplishes a couple of things. For one, it allow you to organize your applications together, so you can have your favorite applications in the same folder or group applications in other ways. The second reason is obvious, it allows you to put more applications on the iPad. There are only so many icons that will fit on one screen and only so many screens are allowed. Grouping the applications into folders allows you to overcome this space obstacle and stuff as many cool apps as needed on your iPad.

To create a folder on the iPad screen, follow these steps:

1) Touch and hold your finger on an app for a few seconds and the app will icon will start to jiggle.

2) Drag the app on top of another application that you wish to group together.

3) Drop the apps on top of one another

4) A new folder will be created that contains both icons

5) The name of the folder can be changed simply by tapping on the name field and changing it.

Folders can then be dragged around on the screen or onto a different screen to organize the applications as you wish.

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