In the world of texting especially with phones, users have learned to create acronyms for many of the normal phrases they use everyday. Acronyms such as lol, omg, etc. are becoming more common everyday. The iPad has a way to add keyboard shortcuts so when you type omw for instance, the iPad will transform that acronym into the phrase “on my way”. This shorthand allows you to type much faster and become more efficient when typing documents or emails on the iPad.

Follow these steps to add your own keyboard shortcuts to the iPad.

1) Tap the Settings icon on the Home Screen of the iPad

2) Tap General

3) Scroll down to Keyboard and tap it

4) Find the Shortcuts section and tap on “Add New Shortcut…”

5) Type the full phrase in the Phrase section and then type the shortcut acronym in the Shortcut section

6) Tap Save and then exit out of Settings by pressing the Home button.

Now create a new email, open a browser window, create a note, etc. and type the acronym you just created. The iPad will automatically change the acronym into the phrase its associated with.  

These keyboard shortcuts are available anywhere you type with the keyboard on the iPad.


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