One of the most important keyboard and mouse shortcuts to learn when using a computer are the cut, copy, and paste functions. These functions allow you to move data around in an application instead of deleting and reentering information. These functions are vital when working on an electronic document, but how do you do these functions on an iPad or other iOS device?

Tapping, double-tapping, and stretching an area with the handles on each corner will help you accomplish these tasks on an iPad. For example, to copy a URL in Safari somewhere use this technique.

Tap in the address field at the top of Safari and a section of the URL will become highlighted. Using the handles in the corner of the highlighted area you can stretch the highlighted text to cover whatever you’d like. Tapping a second time on the highlighted area will give you the option to Select, Select All, and Paste. Once an area is highlighted you should have options to Cut, Copy, and Paste.

Now that you’ve copied some data, you can move to the place you would like to put the information. Tap in the space and choose Paste.

If you want to copy a hyperlinked URL in Safari simply tap and hold on the link for a few seconds and it will allow you to copy it.

These cut, copy, and paste functions will allow you to compose documents and not have to worry about retyping information.

Hopefully this iPad tip will allow you to use your iPad more efficiently.

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