Every once in awhile blank emails may appear with No Sender and No Message may appear on your iOS device. The date of these messages is usually 12/31/1969 or in some cases 1/1/1970. Generally these emails cannot be deleted through normal means. This anomaly has happened throughout the various iOS upgrades from 3, 4, 5, or even 6.

The following suggestions should allow you to remove these annoying emails from your Inbox and fix the issue.

  • Disable, then Re-enable Your Email
    Tap on Settings –> Mail, Contacts, Calendars
    Tap on your current Email account
    Swipe the Mail option to Off
    Exit Settings and Go into Mail
    Exit Mail and Go back into Settings and Swipe the Mail option back on
  • Completely Closing Mail and Reopening
    On the Home Screeen, double tap the Home button to bring up the App tray
    Hold down on the Mail app until it wiggles, then click the X and close it to forcibly quit the app
    Now reopen Mail
  • Turn off Organize by Thread
    Tap on Settings –> Mail, Contact, Calendars
    Swipe Organize by Thread to Off
    Open your Mail
    Go back into Settings and Swipe Organize by Thread back On again
  • Hard Reset the iPad
    Following the steps to reset the iPad will fix the no sender/no message in some cases as well. 

I hope these suggestions will help your remove the annoying No Sender, No Message emails that may appear on your iPad.

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