One of the most often asked questions for the iPad seems to be how to delete photos from it. Well, it all depends on how those photos arrived on the iPad. There are three basic ways photos will collect on an iPad, from the camera, synced from a computer, or transferred via Photostream.


Photos taken with the built in camera or from screenshot

  • Tap the Photos icon at the bottom of your iPad screen
  • On the toolbar at the top of the screen, click on the icon that looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it.

    iPad Photo Toolbar


  • The title bar will change to say Select Photos
  • Tap each photo you would like to delete to place a blue checkmark on them
  • Now tap the Delete button at the top of the screen and the photos will delete

Photos that were transferred via Itunes to the iPad

  • Connect your iPad to your computer
  • Open Itunes
  • In the left column, click on the name of your iPad
  • In the right column, click on  the Photos option in the top menu
  • Uncheck the Sync Photos option at the top of the screen
  • When you uncheck the box it will ask you if you wish to remove the photos
  • Make any other changes to folders of photos you wish to sync, etc
  • Click Sync at the bottom of the screen

Photos transferred via Photostream

Note: Photos synced via Photostream are shared among iOS devices, so if you delete a photo from your iPad and its synced with your iPhone, the photo will be removed from the iPhone as well.

  • Open your Photos app on the iPad
  • Tap on the Photostream option at the top of the screen
  • To delete a single photo, tap on a single photo to bring it up, then tap on the delete button (the trashcan icon) in the upper right corner of the screen
  • To delete multiple photos at once, tap the far right icon at the top of the screen that looks like a box with an arrow. Then tap each photo and finally tap Delete at the top of the screen.

I hope this tutorial has helped you understand the different ways you can use to delete photos from your iPad. Once you get used to it, managing photos on the iPad is a great way to take pictures with you and share them wherever you are.


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