One of the best things about a computer is spell check. There are many people that simply could not live without spell check whether they are creating an email, typing a thesis, or simply jotting down a note. Its become a vital component of any good word processing program on a computer. With that being said, the Auto Correction feature on the iPad is probably one of the most annoying features. It seems to “correct” words when you don’t want them to be corrected. In other words, it gets in the way and can simply drive you nuts when you realize your email says something completely different than what you intended because Auto Correction fixed it for you.

This is why I was eager to find the ability to simply turn off the Auto Correction feature on the iPad and regain control of anything I typed. If you find yourself in a similar situation, follow these steps to disable Auto Correction on the iPad.

1) Tap Settings

2) Select General

3) In the right-hand column, tap Keyboard

4) Swipe your finger across the option for Auto Correction and turn it off

5) Press the Home button and return to your home screen.

Auto Correction Setting on iPad

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