I was working on a customer’s iPad yesterday and noticed they had a few app updates to download and install. You can always tell when you have apps to update by looking at the App Store icon. If it has a red circle with a number, you have apps to update.  Normally, in these situations, you should follow the steps to update your apps. However, in this case when I tried to update I was met with the following error message.

Cannot Connect to Itunes Store

Cannot Connect to Itunes Store

All other functions on the iPad worked fine, surfing the Internet, reading email, opening/closing apps, etc. We just could not update the apps already installed on the iPad.

If you are having the same problem with your iPad, read the solutions below and follow the steps to regain the ability to update your applications.

First of all try turning your iPad completely off and then on again through a soft reset. If this does not fix the issue, try the following.

Change the Date and then Revert it Back

Amazingly enough this simply fix solves most of the cannot connect to Itunes errors.

1) Tap on the Settings icon

2) Tap on General

3) In the Right column, scroll down to Date & Time and tap

4) Slide the Set Automatically option to Off

5) Tap Set Date & Time

6) Change the date to at least one month ahead, a year ahead, etc. and change the time from AM to PM or vice versa.

7) Return to the Home screen of you iPad and tap on App Store

8 ) Tap the Updates option at the bottom right and then try to update your apps

9) You will hopefully receive and error message about the Date and Time.

10) Go back to Step 1 and change the Date and Time to the correct settings by sliding the Set Automatically option to on

11) Now try to updates again and they should work.

This solution has worked for most people having the “Cannot Connect to Itunes Store” error, however in some cases the issue is actually network or DNS related. In these cases, try flushing the DNS and Resetting the Network settings to fix the issue.

Finally, if this does not work, you may also try changing the DNS settings for the iPad.

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