I tried syncing my iPad with my Itunes software the other day to download some music to my iPad. Unfortunately, syncing the iPad did not work. Instead I was greeted with an Error 1150. I could download new music into iTunes, updated Apps, etc, I just could not sync anything between iTunes and the iPad. Unfortunately the error message does not give any insight into what could be the problem.

After a few minutes of checking things on the iPad, I realized I had the restrictions on in order to help childproof my iPad. After turning Restrictions off on the iPad, I tried syncing to iTunes again and everything worked properly. If you are experiencing the same issues, follow these steps to turn off the Restrictions.

1) Tap on the Settings icon on the home screen

2) Tap on General

3) Scroll down and tap on Restrictions

4) Type in your Restrictions Passcode

5) Tap on Disable Restrictions at the top of the right column.

6) Type in your Restrictions Passcode again

Now your Restrictions should be disabled and the ability to sync your iPad to iTunes should now be enabled.


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