I ran across an error while attempting to update an iPad 2 from iOS 4 to iOS 6. The error happened as it was backing up the iPad before starting the upgrade of the iOS.

An error occured while backing up this iPad (-5000).  Would you like to continue to update this iPad?
Continuing will result in the loss of all contents on this iPad.

Needless to say I wanted to solve the error before updating to avoid the potential loss of data.

Rebooting the iPad, Resetting the iPad, and restarting the computer containing iTunes did not solve the problem. So what ultimately fixed the issue?

Disabling Antivirus (and firewall in some cases) and then proceeding with the backup and update of the iOS worked flawlessly. While some would argue that disabling the antivirus to update the iPad compromises the system, I do not. Many times on a normal computer system you are advised to disable your antivirus before proceeding with an install or update of a computer program. The reason for this is sometimes the antivirus will not allow the update to occur because core operating system files or other important files are being updated and the antivirus views this as a virus attack and will not let the update occur.

Although there is a possibility that a virus could sneak through during an upgrade or program installation, the likelihood of this happening in a few minutes during the update is minimal. So if you experience an error (-5000) while trying to update an iPad, iPod, or other iOS device with your PC or Mac, disable the antivirus and try the update again. I bet it will work!


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