My granddaughter discovered an unusual quirk in the iPad the other day. Even though the iPad was not muted and she could play music from it, there was no sound in any of the apps she tried to play. Only some apps did not have sounds, apps such as Netflix still had audio.

This included feature to mute sound from apps is difficult to diagnose but very easy to fix. If you have checked all your mute and sound options and have discovered that only sounds from apps are muted, then follow these directions to remove this soft mute.

No sound in Apps



  • Double tap the home button to bring up the app tray
  • Swipe your finger from left to right across the screen to show the audio controls
  • You should notice the speaker icon on the far left has a slash through it similar to the picture above
  • Tap the speaker icon to remove the slash
  • Now check your app sounds again to confirm that its fixed

Your apps should no longer be muted.


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