If you are anything like me, you’ve downloaded a few apps either free or paid versions that didn’t pan out. Either the app didn’t work like it should, or something else about the app made you want to delete it as soon as you downloaded it.

Its easy enough to remove or delete an app from your iPad, touch an app until it starts wiggling then tap the little x in the upper left corner of the app to remove it. The problem appears when you have to go into the app store on your device. All the apps you’ve ever downloaded are all still listed there. The ones you’ve deleted, show as not on your iPad, but they still remain in the list. This is annoying when you have to wade through a bunch of apps that didnt make the grade.

I realize that Apple needs a list of everything you’ve downloaded or purchased so when updates are released for those apps, you don’t have to repurchase them. However, I don’t like to be reminded of some purchases that were terrible decisions. There should be a way to hide these uninstalled apps from the App Store…and there is.

Follow the steps below to hide unwanted purchases from your iPad

1) On your iPad, open the App Store, iBooks, or iTunes store

2) Tap on the Purchased option at the bottom of the screen

3) Find the app you want to hide. On iOS5, the uninstalled applications will have a cloud icon with an arrow pointing down.

4) Swipe this icon to the left to reveal a red Hide button

5) Tap the Hide button and the application will be hidden from view. Click Ok to the Hidden Purchases prompt

To Unhide these applications on the iPad, follow these steps

1) On your iPad, open the App Store, iBooks, or ITunes store

2) Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Apple ID button

3) Sign in or click on View Account if you are already signed in

4) In iOS5, scroll down the Account page to the iTunes in the Cloud section. Tap on the Hidden Purchases button

5) The hidden purchases window will open.

6) Tap the Unhide button next to any purchase you wish to unhide

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