With the addition of iCloud, you no longer have to worry about your contacts being lost forever. The contacts are backed up from your iPhone/iPad to iCloud for safe keeping and if you have to wipe your iPad or restore it to factory settings then your contacts are still safe.

However, what if you have an iPhone or iPad that has contact on it that your don’t want and you want to replace your contact list on the iPad with your iCloud backup. If you simply turn on iCloud on the device it will merge the two contact lists together. This could be tragic if you are talking about 500 – 1000 contacts being merged together.

The correct procedure for doing this would be to wipe all the contacts from your iPhone/iPad and then turn on iCloud and allow it to download the correct contact list to your iOS device, but how do you do this?

Before we do anything its a good idea to log into iCloud and check your contact to make sure these are truly the contacts you want to preserve and transfer to your iOS device. You can log into iCloud by clicking on the link below and using your Apple ID and password.


Once you’ve established and checked your iCloud contacts its time to clear your iOS device of its current contact list. In most cases, iCloud is already turned off on your iOS device otherwise those contact on your device would have already been synced with the iCloud contacts. However, as a precaution, you may want to go into Settings and turn Airplane Mode on so that it will not sync with iCloud.

To delete your contacts from your device, follow these steps.

1) Tap on the Settings icon

2) Tap on Mail, Contacts, and Calendars

3) You should see your iCloud account there and under it should be listed the word Contacts. Tap on this account.

4) Find the Contacts option on the next screen and swipe the option to Off

5) When the question pops up asking what would you like to do with the previously synced iCloud contacts on your device choose “Delete” from my device.

6) All your contacts will be wiped from your device at this point, so your contact list will be blank.

Now turn Airplane mode off (if you turned it on in the first place) and follow the steps above until you get to Step 4, and then turn your Contacts option in iCloud On. Almost immediately the contacts from your iCloud contact list will fill your iOS device and you’ll be in sync.


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