As with most electronic devices, sometimes they will lock up, freeze, or simply won’t work correctly. As far as the iPad is concerned, an app may not open or stay open, the WiFi may not work correctly, or it simply may freeze. Resetting the iPad will solve most of these problems. Just as a normal computer the phrase “have your restarted your iPad” is the first step in troubleshooting a particular issue with the iPad

How to Soft Reset the iPad

1) Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top right of the iPad until you see a red arrow slider appear

2) Drag the slider to the right 

3) The iPad will turn off

4) Once the iPad is completely off, press the Sleep/Wake button again to turn it back on.

The Apple logo will appear for awhile and then the home screen will appear. If this does not solve the issue, follow the next steps to perform a hard reset.

How to Hard Reset the iPad

1) Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button simultaneously for 10 – 15 seconds.

2) The red slider will appear. Keep the buttons pressed, then the Apple logo will appear.

3) Release the buttons and the iPad will hard reset by shutting down and then restarting

If neither or these options work to fix the issue, you should contact Apple Technical Support


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