Since the iPad is a mobile device just like a cell phone and it may have some very important and private information, its a good idea to place a passcode on it. This will allow anyone that knows the passcode to access it, however if the iPad is lost or stolen, the culprit will not be able to access the private information. In this new world of identity theft and cyber crimes, a passcode is a very important  security measure to protect your data on the Ipad.

Here are the steps to protect your iPad with a password.

1) Go into Settings

2) Open the General section

3) Scroll down and tap on Passcode Lock. Note: The default passcode is 4 numbers. If you would like to set a tougher alphanumeric password, slide the Simple Passcode toggle to Off

4) Select Turn Passcode On at the top of the screen

5) Type in a four digit password (or an alphanumberic passcode if set in Step 3)

6) Retype your passcode to confirm

7) Tap Require Passcode and select the desired time before the iPad will require you to enter the password.

You’re all done! Now your iPad is password protected.

iPad Set Passcode

iPad Set Passcode Screen

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