One of the things I wanted to do with my iPad when I got it was to watch the WMV files I had stored on my network drive from the iPad. It didn’t sound like too big of a deal at the time, but I found it rather difficult. There didn’t seem to be an app that could stream the WMV files to the iPad correctly…until now!

I am astounded at the ability of Video Stream to do exactly what I always wanted. I now have the ability to stream the WMV files from my external drive on the network to my iPad. The sound and video quality is good, although sometimes the buffering stalls during a session. Not a big deal considering it is almost impossible to do this without this cool little app!

How does this app work? Well, you have to download a program to your computer which basically turns your computer into a media server that feeds the movies and other files directly to the iPad. When you open the Video Stream application on the iPad it connects to the server and shows the files to be played. Click on a file and it starts playing. Simple as that.

I download alot of tutorials, they might be in MOV, WMV or some other format. I copy the file to to my external drive and it is instantly available for me to play on the iPad.

Itunes gives me the ability to stream my music to my iPad, and Video Stream gives me the ability to stream movies, its the best of both world.

This is the best 99 cents you’ll ever spend on your iPad if you want to stream videos and music to it.

Click on the icon below to buy it.

stream wmv Buy Video Streamstream wmv now!

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