I moved over recently to an iPhone from an Android based cell phone. All of the contacts I want are synced with Gmail, which made working with the Android device easy, but how do I correctly sync my iPad or iPhone with Google Contacts?

You’ll notice if you setup your Gmail account on the iPhone or iPad that it easily synchronizes Gmail, Calendar, and Notes, but Contacts is mysteriously missing from this list. Now you could export your Gmail contacts in Vcard format from Gmail and import them into iCloud easy enough, but this is just an import not a syncronization. To accomplish syncronization of your Google Contacts and iOS device, you’ll want to add your Google account a little bit differently to your iOS device. Follow the instructions below to do this:

If you’ve setup a Gmail account on your iPad with iOS 5 before, you’ll want to delete this account and add it this way instead.

1) Tap on the Setting icon

2) Tap the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars option

3) Tap Add Account

4) Tap Microsoft Exchange

5) Type your Gmail Email address in the Email and Username sections

6) Type the Gmail password in the Password section

7) Tap the Next button

8) When the Server option appears, type m.google.com in the field and Tap Next

9) Wait patiently for the server to verify properly, once verified and saved your iPad will sync your Gmail, Contacts, and Calendars.

Setting up your Gmail account as a Microsoft Exchange account in your iPad allows your contacts, calendar, and mail to remain synced with your iOS devices as well as Gmail. If you have iCloud syncing turned on then iCloud will also automatically sync with Gmail creating a redundant backup for your Google information on your iPad.

For more information on using Google Sync with your iPad or iPhone visit the Google’s page on Setting up Google Sync with your iOS Device.

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