One of the more common issues I see with customers that own iPads is they forget to update the free and purchased applications on their iPad. Updating apps on the iPad is similar to keeping your programs updated on your normal personal computer. An iPad app may have a problem, or it may have been upgraded with some important improvements. The only way you’ll see these changes is to upgrade the application on your iPad.

Best of all, updating apps on the iPad is very easy to do. You’ll know if you have any applications that need updating by looking at the App Store icon on the home screen. If it has a little red circle in the upper right corner of the app with a number in it, then there are updates to install. The number of updates is shown by the number in the red circle, as seen below in this screenshot. In wanting to write this article, I haven’t updated an apps on my iPad in a couple weeks. You’ll notice there are 44 apps on my own iPad waiting to be updated.

update apps













Follow these steps to update the apps on your iPad and keep your applications current.

1) Tap on the App Store icon if it is showing any apps to be updated.

2) Tap on the Updates icon on the far right at the bottom of the App Store screen

update apps



















3) Tap the Update All option in the upper right corner of the screen

4) Type your Apple ID Password in the box

5) Wait for the updates to download and install. It may take several minutes for the downloads to complete and the applications to be updated. It all depends on the speed of your internet connection. I would recommend doing this procedure over a faster WiFi connection than the cellular connection if you have that option in your iPad.

After the updates have downloaded and installed properly, the red circle with the number should disappear from the App Store icon and all your applications should now be up-to-date with the latest releases from the app publishers.


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