If you own an iPad, iPhone, or other iOS device, you probably have wanted to post a video or two to Youtube. However, when you try to share the video and choose Youtube you are met with an Youtube Password Prompt wanting your Youtube username and password. Easy enough you think…after typing in your Google account username and password, it tells you the username or password is invalid. You type the username and password again and still it does not work.

That’s because Youtube can use a application specific password. Follow these steps to setup two step verification for your Google account and add a application specific password for Youtube.

1) Login into your Google Account

2) Go to the Security settings and check whether Two Step Verification is turned on.


3) Turn on Two Step verification, follow the wizard to setup two step verification using your cell phone. You will receive an SMS text message with a verification code to complete the two step verification.

4) Setup an Application Specific Password for Youtube. 

Go to the page of your authorized apps here: https://www.google.com/accounts/IssuedAuthSubTokens (you can also access it from the My Account link in the top right corner of YouTube page online). Go to Application specific password and create a new password for Youtube on your iPad. Enter a name you will recognize and click Generate Password.

 The new password will be in large letters on the screen, 4 groups of 4 letters each.

 5) Now on your iPad open the Youtube app. When the password prompt appears, enter your google account username and the 16 character password that was just created for you.

6) Try uploading a video and everything should work.

NOTE: if you receive about “Could not publish” after you’ve entered all the information try this:

Log into your Youtube account from the web and create your own Youtube channel. After the channel has been created, try uploading a video and everything should work. 

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