One of the coolest features on an iPad is the Find My iPad service. This feature is powered by Mobile me at Its a feature that hopefully you will never have to use, however it can be a lifesaver if you need to find a lost iPad. For these reasons, setting up a Mobile Me account on your iPad should be one of the first things to accomplish. Follow the instructions below to setup a Mobile Me account on iOS 4.3 or below.

1. Go to the Settings icon

2. Tap on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.

3. Select Add Account.

4. Tap on Mobile Me.

5. Put in the desire Apple ID and password. Then tap on Create Free Apple ID.

6. Continue with the rest of the instructions to finish the registration.

Next, you’ll want to confirm that the Find My iPad option is turned on. Follow these steps to check this.

1. Tap on the Settings icon

2. Tap on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.

3. Tap on the MobileMe option at the top of the column under Accounts

4. Your account email address should be shown in the window and the Find My iPad option should be set to On. If it is not simply swipe the option with your finger to On.

5. After confirming this, tap Done in the upper right corner of the window.

Find My iPad integrated into iCloud for iOS5

For iOS 5 the Mobile Me account has been transitioned into the new iCloud Account. After installing iOS 5 or during the setup of a new device with iOS5, you’ll be presented with an option to turn on iCloud. Go ahead and do this.

Then in the Customize Settings screen for iCloud you’ll find the Find My iPad option. Make sure this option is turned on. If you need to get back to this page in the future, follow these steps.

1) Tap on the Settings icon

2) Tap on iCloud in the left side

3) On the right side, make sure Find my iPad is turned on. Swipe the option to turn on or off.

With Find my iPad turned on, you’ll be able to go to and track the location of your iPad online.

The Find My iPad service allows you to:

* Locate or Find your iPad with a Google Maps display

* Display a Message or Play a Sound so you can locate it. You could display a message with your contact information so the person that finds it can contact you.

* Lock the device with a passcode pin

* Remotely Wipe all the contents off the iPad and reset it back to the original factory settings to protect your important data. There should be a warning with this option. Most of the time owners actually WANT to recover their iPad. If a remote wipe is sent to the iPad, all the contents of the iPad will be erased, including the Find my iPad ability. Also, once a remote wipe has been issued, the command cannot be revoked. You can’t undo it. If the iPad is found by WiFi or cellular connection, the remote wipe will take place. Resetting the iPad back to factory defaults and losing the ability to track it via Find My iPad or iCloud. For this reason, I firmly believe the Remote Wipe should be used as a very last resort.

To Use the Find My iPad service, you’ll need to use a computer or web enabled phone to log into your Mobile Me account at or go to the iCloud login at and log in with your email address and password you used when you setup the account.

Log into Mobile Me

Once logged in, the website will locate your iPad and display its location on a Google Map. It will also allow you to display a message, play a sound, lock or wipe the iPad…all done remotely.

find my ipad

Now go setup your Mobile Me account or iCloud account now and activate the Find My iPad option to protect and secure your iPad.

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