With my grandchildren, my iPad has become the “it” electronic device in the house. Everyone including the 3 year old and 5 year old want to use it. Unfortunately, the iPad does not get put back after being used and can become “lost” in the house. I’ve found it under pillows, under the sofa, on the back porch, etc. They rule is you can use it but put it back when you are done. Well, most of the time that happens but not always.

So, how can you locate your iPad that has become lost in the house and none of the children or grandchildren in my case can remember where they left it. The answer is iCloud…and Find my iPhone.

Follow these steps to locate your iPad.

1) Go to a computer in your house and log into iCloud.com with your Apple ID

2)  Click on the Find My iPhone icon

3) When the map comes up, click on the All Devices option in the top middle.

4) Click on your iPad

5) Choose Play Sound

Now the iPad will emit an ongoing sound that will allow you to locate it within the house. Once found, you can slide to unlock the device and the sound will stop. You’ll also receive an email that a sound was played on the device.

Quick and Easy solution to a lost iPad in the house. Believe me I’ve used this procedure a few times to locate mine.


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