I have an older iPad 1 that does not have a camera, but I recently upgraded my cell phone and changed from an android based phone to an iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4S does have a great camera and taking pictures with it is a snap. However, one of the coolest features I’ve found in iOS 5 is the ability to take a photo with my iPhone and have it appear on my iPad 1. Since the biggest difference between an iPad 1 and an iPad 2 is the addition of a camera, this option lets me take pictures on my iPhone and view them on my original iPad.

The software in iOS 5 that makes this happen is called Photostream. Photostream automatically uploads new photos to iCloud and downloads them to all your iOS 5 devices when you’re connected to WiFi.

You need to turn on Photostream by following these steps:

1) Tap on the Settings icon on the main screen

2) In the left column, tap on Photos

3) Swipe Photostream to On

If you are like me you’ll need to do this both on your iPad and iPhone and any other iOS 5 devices you may own.

The new iOS 5.1 upgrade fixed a major issue with Photostream, before version 5.1 you were not able to delete any photos in Photostream. Now, you can delete photos from Photostream with one caveat, only devices with the new iOS 5.1 will allow this deletion so you’ll want to upgrade all your iOS devices to the new version.

The ability to transfer photos from my iPhone to my iPad allows me to view the photos on a much larger screen and share them with friends and family visit.

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