Accessibility options are a pretty cool feature of tablets and smartphones. They’ll speak the words on a web page or app to you, enlarge or zoom in the screen, show large text, invert the colors and more to make it easier for individuals to use the iPad, phone, or other devices.

However, there are times when the accessibility options seem to take over the iPad by speaking everything. Everything including the touch sensitivity seems to slow down when these accessibility features are enabled as well. When your iPad takes on a life of its own, you can turn off the accessibility options to regain control of your iPad.

Here are some good tips to use when dealing with the Accessibility Options

1) A single tap will turn into a double tap – when you click on an app, it will create a border around the icon instead of opening it. You must double tap to open an app.

2) If its activated, Tripe tapping the Home button will turn VoiceOver on or off. Its a cool shortcut to remember.

3) To scroll down a screen, you must use 3 fingers to do it. Hold three fingers on the screen and then swipe in the direction you want to go. This is especially important when trying to change a setting.

To Turn off Accessibility Options:

1) Double tap on Settings

2) Double tap on General

3) Use the three fingered swipe to move down the column to Accessibility and double tap on it

4) Double tap on the feature you wish to turn on or off such as VoiceOver. You may have to swipe down to actually highlight it.



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